Help! Anyone hatching out some sex-links?


10 Years
Feb 9, 2009
Linköping, Sweden
Because of some encouraging results from my earlier informal study, my friend's son is doing his science project on the correlation between egg shape and gender.

Here's how you would participate:

You number your eggs (right on the shell) and then lay them out they way they normally lay (on their sides).
If you know the hen they came from, it's best to group them by hen. If you don't know the hen, just group them by breed.
Take a photo of each group from above, and post, PM, or email it to me!
Joe will measure them, and I'll send back a message, which will tell you to separate the eggs into 2 groups., based on his measurements - one that we predict to be pullets and one that we predict to be cockerels. Then, you separate them into 2 groups and see if the hypothesis is supported!
Obviously, you get immediate results if you do sex-links.
We're hoping to get data on all breeds by the end of the study. If anyone gets the chance to do this with other breeds, we'd be grateful, but ANY participation would be super!

Thanks in advance to anyone who wants to join and help out a home-school kid!! We're learning statistical analysis, experimental design, and lots of good math skills with this activity!!!

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