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  1. Last night I heard a hen scream and when I ran out a racoon had her. Her two babies were okay but it appears she has some deep gouges on her back and left leg. I have her in a pen with her babies but she is having trouble walking, no broken leg, I can see, maybe got twisted & pulled. What antibiotic or sauve can I put on her to protect from flys? Is there any type I cannot put on her? I have several for my horses I was thinking of trying.

  2. Olive Hill

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    Apr 19, 2009
    I've used SWAT on my birds without ill effects to keep the flies off a wound. Good luck with her. If she can't walk you may end up needing to put her down regardless of the other injuries though.
  3. RedRoosterFarm

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    Poor thing! Swat works well and I also use bag balm. good luck!
  4. Thank you. I've got some Swat. I found a thread re using Neosporin and diluted Peroxide for cleaning so I did that. She seems to be doing a little better. She is eating and drinking. Took me forever to catch her babies (7 wks old) and get them into the pen with her. Now she is content. She actually got up and walked a little ways on her injured leg but after about 6 steps sits down again. I can tell it must really hurt her but appears not broken and I can't find any marks on it so I think it is muscle or tendon injury. This all happened while I'm trying to plan my father's funeral after caring for him with ca for the last 4 mos. and have to leave for two days for it. Could not be at a more difficult time for me. I have a neighbor coming over to care for my animals so will worry myself sick while I'm gone. Her mom is a vet tech so I'm sure it will be okay. At least all looks well with momma hen & babies right now. Thanks

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