Help Baby chick acting funny


Apr 22, 2017
Okay im lost at what i should do. Saturday my husband and i went to tractor supply bought 14 baby chicks to add to our flock. Less than 24hrs we lost one not sure what happened he couldn't keep his head up, couldn't eat, drink etc depite my best efforts to give them vitamins etc. They have bedding, a heat lamp water etc. He would occasionally chirp, lift his head than lay back down within a few hrs he died.
The rest of the chicks were fine. Than this morning i noticed a female chick laying on her side occasionally she opens her eyes, lifts her head and chirps than lays back down. Im trying vitamins/ water in a dropper, making sure she's warm and i tried and have been trying wetting her food and placing it in the dropper.
Im wondering what's going on. What i can do to help if anything. She's breathing so far but tired. Any ideas and suggestions would be great. Thanks.
Oh and she's separated from the other chicks.


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Apr 9, 2016
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Sorry to hear it. :(

Sounds like failure to thrive. Not sure what else you could do. Sometimes these things happen, even with my own that hatch. They might replace the lost chick.

Always be sure to look extra hard for pasty butt. Even though I have my temps right I still see it sometimes. It can be really easy to miss in good size broods and it's quickly deadly. And those chicks may not be fully recovered from shipping stress yet.


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