Help!!! Baby chick and a prolapse!!!


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Aug 16, 2010
This little guy/gal hatched today from underneath a broody hen with a huge prolapse from it's bottom! It's about half the size of a banty egg and sort of looks like the yolk. this is the forst time I've hatched/let a broody hen sit and I really would like and try to save it! This isn't the mothers egg,its an egg from another bird that was put with a roo! Help! What should I do???

It sounds like his belly button. Sometimes they get their feet tangled in the umbilical cord.
Or mama may have stepped on it.
If it gets pulled on too much, it can yank the intestines out of his belly.
There's not too much you can do. Do you have a brooder to keep him in until it heals?
Does mama have more eggs/chicks to keep her occupied?
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Update the prolapse sac brusted open!!! I think it may have kicked it and burst it. Some fluids cam out but it now has sort of "sac" looking things hanging from the vent. What should I do???
If you have someplace to separate him that's warm, I think the only thing you can do is put some neosporin on the hole so it doesn't get infected.
There's not much more you can do.
If you leave him with mama, make sure that the cord is cut away from the shell, so she doesn't step on it and pull it out more.
Prognosis is not very good, but I would need a pic to confirm my thoughts.
Good luck with him!
Yes. the mother silkie is still setting on some "eggs" (two more are fertile and her own are not because she's not with a roo) and is being pretty protective right now. She actually was sitting on the egg while it hatched and the shell and chick when he was out and I saw this and took it away from her and the chick is now in a brooder.
I *think* the only thing you can do is cut the sac off, apply neo, and wait till he dries off.
IF he got enough nutrient from the yolk, he may make it.
Hopefully someone else can jump in and come up with a better alternative.

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