help baby chick is sick!


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Sep 4, 2013

we had chicks born a week ago, and one had something wrong with its legs. He (or she) couldnt support itself on its legs and had an extra toe curled under each foot. we seperated him from the other 6 chicks and after a few days he could get around. Not as well as the others and his legs wouldent straighten out. he was about half the size of the others. we got home today and went to check on the chicks. he was lying on his tummy with his right wing spread out on the ground and he wouldnt open his eyes. he was fine a few hours ago. we found some poop on his feathers and got it off but realized it wasn't over the vent. we got him to drink a little bit of water but no food. he is walking a little bit but not much. what can we do? i don't want Mouse to die :'(
yea thx I put a post there. Mouse is doing better! Standing up ang drinking propel/ egg yolk!
you could also get him Polyvisol infant drops (at walmart, drugstores etc.) give him 2 drops- 3 times a day. If he eats well put the drops on a piece of food and offer it to him so you know he got it. If not put just 2 drops in the inside front of his beak - so he can decide if he wants to swallow it or not. Sounds like he just need some TLC and to be away from the others.

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