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    I need some advice on a baby pigeon. I hatched an egg in my incubator from one of my pigeons. I bought the kaytee hand feeding formula. I fed him once by putting an aquarium tubing down his throat into the crop with a syringe attached to it. I feel like I am hurting him by feeding him like that. I have a pigeon sitting on eggs. If I put him with the pigeon hen will she accept him and feed him? I was wondering if there Is another way to feed him without putting the tube down his throat? Give me advice.

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    just be sure you are past the windpipe ,and don't over fill the crop. pigeon need to set on eggs about 16 days before they produce crop if your pigeon has set that many days yes they will feed the baby
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    if the other pigeons dont feed the baby, here is a method you could try. Ive hand fed pigeons before with this method but only after the have gotten pinfeathers. i would put their beak between my first and middle finger and most babies would instinctively open their mouths. then i would use a 3cc syringe to squirt (gently of course) the kaytee formula into their mouths. they must close their windpipes because i havnt had one choke yet (sometimes when theyre older they get too exited and inhale it but none were seriously in danger of dying. but if you had a short beaked pigeon this would be harder. i think though that a newborn pigeon is too weak to use this method though. but if you do have to keep tube feeding you could try this once the baby is older and more in control of its head. the internet also has different methods but so far this is the only one that has worked for me (and i made it up because one squab i had was doing really poorly on the method i was using at the time. he perked right really soon) but every pieon is different. hope this helps, good luck.

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