Help! Baby Turkeys not assimilating!

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by clifonti, Jul 7, 2011.

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    Jul 15, 2008
    I was given two baby turkeys (Royal Palms) this week, approximately 10-12 days old. Apparently they had been running wild with other turkeys on the farm. Have kept them in a cage two nights: 1 night under heat lights- the next night in a nest box secured within a cage. They haven't drunken any water and I don't think they have eaten any feed. Before they weakend, this morning I built a haphazard run over grass, dipped their beaks again in water and covered the run with chicken wire so they wouldn't fly out. All they want to do is be with the other 7 hens I have. They weren't eating or drinking---just peeping for the other birds. Problem is the low-hen-on-the-totem-pole (from my original flock) became very aggressive the first night with the precotious turkey-man. I pulled the little man immediately. I had tried putting both turkeys in the nest box with a broody hen and the little man wouldn't stay put. He kept flying up on the roost with the other birds. Too old to assimilate with broody hen - too young to be with the rest of the birds. When I get home if they are still peeping and not eating or drinking, the only thing left that I can try is to just put them outside during the day in the fenced in (small) pasture and hope that they can escape the ire of my low-hen-on-the-totem-poll. My question is: does anybody have any better ideas how I can assimilate these turkeys before they weaken and die?
    Love my birds! and thanks for your opinions.

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    I was lucky enough to have some chicks to encourage my turks to eat and drink. However, my friend-whom the chicks belonged to-wanted those chicks back. So I moved my 2 baby turkeys (I think they were about a month old) out to the coop with the chickens. I had them seperated into a cage inside the coop. They completely stopped eating and drinking and called to the other birds all day, like yours. I finally couldn't take it anymore and let them out. They got picked on a little at first, but they've figured out to stay away from the bigger birds now. My run is very large and has lots of nooks and crannys for them to hide in. Perhaps you could remove the aggressive chicken, and put her in their cage for a few days? Good luck- turkeys are wonderful- they have the best personalities. Here are my 2:
    Turkey Jerky-
    Good luck!

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