HELP - Back of neck picked/pecked 2 weeks old

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    Mar 8, 2010
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    My 2 week old has an area on the back of her neck that has been picked at by the others and scratched by herself... All of the down has come out and the raw, red skin is exposed. I put on some ointment and that has caused her to pick at the area more. I have removed her from the others... Is there something I can put on it to help it dry? Backing Soda? What can I do for her. She keep pecking at the area like she is trying to clean it but that is making it spread down her shoulders - basically anything she can reach by twisting her head around...
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    I'd try to get blue-kote it's going to make her purple but it's a great healer and will also disguise the area from the others.

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