HELP!!! Bantam hen w/ a closed eye, red welts on face and a jerking neck :(

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    Jan 4, 2014
    Please help me!

    I have a bantam Langshan hen with a closed eye (won't open at all), what appears to be red welts on her face and within the last hour she's started twisting and jerking her neck in a very extreme/uncomfortable way.

    She's had the closed eye for about a month now - its been harmless and she's coped fine. I originally thought she had just been pecked badly by one of the other hens until today when she started jerking her neck and looking very unwell. I'm worried she may be dead by tomorrow.

    Does anybody have any idea what this is?! I've tried researching and all I can find is fowl pox but this is NOT contagious at all. Help [​IMG]
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