Help! Bare, bloody butt pic


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Feb 4, 2008
Tonight I threw their scratch down in the run instead of in their coop feeder and this is what I saw


I've noticed a few feathers in the nestbox from time to time, but didn't think anything of it. What is this? This one is the worst. One other buff orp is about half as bad and the other three (buff orp and 2 slw's) are just fine. Everyone is laying just fine and acting normal.
It is possible that she has lice/mites. Have you checked them? Once they start pecking/scratching the rump, others will too. I would check them for mites...dust if needed, and blue kote thier bottoms. This will help stop the others from pecking too!
Mites? I don't know.
I've got one of those blue no-mite strips hanging in their doorway as preventive measure. I figured I would rather prevent than have to treat for.
I'll have to read up on that and see what to look for again, but what gets me is how only two could be affected?

I'm assuming if I do a search on blue kote here I will find what you're talking about?
Oh ya gotta love when you do a search on something, "blue kote", and you run into posts of someone telling someone else to do a search on blue kote
So why would it be so bad on her and not the other three, and just starting on the other one?
Do parasites have preferences? Like some people always seem to get bit my mosquitoes more than others?
oops, I see that the word "help" should have been at the end of the subject rather than the beginning for some reason.
Sorry, I don't think I can edit the subject line, that I see.
Spotted Crow,

I've been searching here for both blue kote and how to look for mites, but there are so many posts containing those words.... None are giving me the answers I'm looking for. Not in the stickies either.

Could you shed some light for me?

Oh, and the fact that the missing feathers are found in the nestbox, would that mean she is pulling them out herself, too?

I Googled the Blue Kote. Found out what it was and TSC has it.

Now just need to find how to check for mites. I didn't see any on the bare spot, but I don't know how small they are either.

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