Help,black lesions on bottom of feet.

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    Mar 31, 2008
    I have a young pullet with black lesions on the bottom of her toes and at the end of her toes,also has one on her beak.She sits around with her eyes shut alot but the eye ointment does not seem to help.I just noticed the sores today. Does any one have any insight into this. Thanks Lisa
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    Mar 23, 2008
    Bailey, Mississippi.
    Sounds like Fowl pox comes from misquitos. nasty little disease... I cant quite remember all of the cures. but i heard you can put toothpaste on the sores to dry it up. Or black shoe polish. so people use magic markers. I HAVE NEVER TRIED ANY OF THESE CURES. but any of the old timers will tell you thats what you need to do... Separate from the flock.

    EDIT, forgot to add. after they have fowl pox. there is no cure exactly. Its a disease you have to let run its course. the above just Dries to sores up. and they go away faster.. Of course. i have never tried these methods. just what i heard. but if i do catch fowl pox. i will find out for myself i guess?, AND ALSO. after touching the hen, wash your shoes/clothes etc before handling any other chicken. if not. the others have a good chance of catching the disease as well.


    Edit:.. also.. could you try and get pics?. maybe easier to tell what it is exactly then. EDIT.. 3rd time.. ok, i found a link on fowlpox. It may help you. may not.
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