Help! Blind, bloody chicken??

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  1. MirandaC

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    Feb 6, 2013
    My year old red sex link has been pecking itself bloody on her left leg, below the "knee". Her leg is all bloody- she doesn't even seem to feel it as she pecks herself. When I wave my hand in front of her face (she is usually skittish) she doesn't really react. My other chicken -a healthy black sex link- I also waved my hand near her eyes. She backed away quickly. Is my red hen nearly blind? She can find her way to the nesting box, but otherwise she lies on her side and doesn't move. I had another red hen, possibly her sister. She died last summer, and before she did, she seemed to be acting slightly off. Wandering around outside, not staying with the flock as they forage, and not reacting much to anything. Could this be some sort of genetic disease??
    Also, the red hen lets me pick her up and move her around. When I normally try to touch her she runs off. Does anyone know exactly whats wrong with her?
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    I do not know what could be wrong. But maybe someone will chime in here this evening and can give you some advise. I am sorry about your hens.

    Oh, and welcome to BYC. :)
  3. missnu01

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    Nov 16, 2012
    I have noticed that when a chicken has declining health they will let me touch them in a way that they wouldn't before. I had 2 baby chicks come down with what I think was Marek's but they were both skittish, but as they got worse they would come to me for lovings.

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