Help! Broody chicken's box 3' off floor.


10 Years
Jul 19, 2009
My nesting boxes are 3' off the floor. Won't the chicks want food and water when they hatch? Should I watch for them to start hatching and then move the chicken, hatched chicks, and remaining eggs into a box or cage on the floor? Have others built their nesting boxes off the ground so the crumble can be hung underneath? All ideas would be greatly appreciated.
I had the same issue. In fact when I when I went in one day the a baby was in the middle of the floor...all alone...chirping away. I picked itup and looked around as 5 hens sitting on nests looked at me. He must have jumped or was pushed out. I went enie-meenee minee mooo. That hen accepted the I moved her, the baby and the eggs into a dog crate. That way they are able to get a good solid start. When they are older I am going to get them all back together again.
Thank you so much, Margot! I feel so much better. As soon as one hatches, I'll move mother and the rest of the eggs into a cage. Did you occasionally let the hen out of the dog crate or did you keep her with the chicks until all of them hatched?

Because of coyotes, I keep my hens in their coop/run. I let them run free for about an hour before bedtime. During this time, I've been taking the broody hen off her eggs. She'll take a dirt bath, eat and drink, then go back to the nesting box when the others come in. I live in So. CA, and it's quite warm here, but I'm wondering if I really should be doing that. Any thoughts?

Thanks for all ideas and suggestions.

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