Help! Broody hen broke an egg!


8 Years
Sep 28, 2011
Basically I ordered some *fancy expensive* eggs from a breeder, and gave them to my proven broody to hatch for me! She had great sucess with her last clutch, ut today I found that one of her eggs was broken, and the others are now covered in sticky mess!

What do I do? I know there's a big danger of bacterial infection now for the other eggs, but should I wash them or leave them be and hope for the best?
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If it were me, I would clean the eggs as best I could with a soft cloth. I would also remove all bedding from the nest and replace with clean bedding and hope for the best. Also check the hen's breast and underside and wash that if necessary.
Where I live ants are often attracted to spilled food, so you could also sprinkle some insecticidal powder under the new bedding. You may also want to candle the remaining eggs, the one that broke may have had hairline cracks, and others may have them too. I wish you success with this hatch!

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