HELP Broody hen cracked egg abandoned the nest


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I had co broody hens when the first hens eggs hatched the second hen got all excited for the babies and the mad shuffling between nest and the battle over babies and eggs began.I know now to never do co broodies. Any ways one egg got cracked 2 hen abandoned the nest to take care of peeps. I have an LG incubator so I loaded the remaining unhatched eggs in.I candled the eggs to make sure they were still alive yep. placed tape over the cracked egg in hopes of at least getting to day 19. so this is were i am at cracked egg is chirping away pieces of shell are falling off and I am losing my mind should I help or leave it be. I've been keeping the membrane moist wrapped it up in a damp paper towel put it back in the bator. but as you can see the shell keeps popping off down the egg not like a zip around the egg.
UGH no I can't up load the pictures.

No signs of blood, huh? What is the chick doing? Trying to get out (struggling) or just peeping? If just peeping I would be worried that the yolk may not have fully absorbed yet and the chick needs more time. Were all of the eggs started on the same day? Are some bantams? How is this chick's hatch schedule compared to the others?

Hopefully others will have better advice but if you are unsure just keep the egg moist for now.

And you can do co-broodies, it is best to start them both on eggs at the same time (so they hatch on the same day) and keep them separate when the eggs hatch, then when everyone has babies they may decide to raise them together. One having chicks and the other not causes problems, and some broodies are just more protective and prone to fighting.
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She started brooding on the 28.
Large fowl eggs. It is peeping and struggling to get out. I see no blood as of yet. Tried looking for the yolk sack but i really have no clue of what to look for. Chick looks wet.I can see the second memberane and there are some veins.Placed it back in the incubator after i took these pictures.

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