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Feb 28, 2014
My broody hen pushed out a newly half hatched chick. We brought it inside but I don't have an empty incubator. I have 40 eggs in my one incubator on day 11 so I hate to pump up the humidity to save one chick and loose 40 eggs. He's breathing but not moving around at all. It seems like he's still got some of the yolk attached. Help what can I do. Stick him in a brooder under the heat lamp? Does he need the moisture of the humidity? This hen has tried about 3 times sitting on a nest and had never been successful. There are five other eggs under her that I'll now have to keep a good eye on.
Any advice?
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Jul 8, 2012
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I would probably try the brooder method and get it set for his temp. I've had my hen do this too. Mine was dried off already, but she just ended up living in the brooder. Just keep an eye on him and maybe with the humidity put a wet paper towel near him or something. I'm not too sure about the humidity, but that's probably what I would do. I hope the other ones hatch out so he's got some buddies and I hope he is doing ok! Those little buggars are pretty tough!


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Aug 10, 2013
Take the whole brooder with the heat lamp into the bathroom, shut the doors and windows and jack up the hot water and run the shower.. I hatched four eggs in my brooder doing this... Once the chick is out of the shell and dried you can decrease the humidity..

I let the shower run until the mirror started to steam up then turned it off, ran a humidifier and that seemed to keep humidity around 60%
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