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Hi everyone,

I hope someone can help, I am very new to this and need some advice please

We had our first silkie broody hatch 4 of her own eggs two days ago and remained in the broody box even though the chicks were up and about - she had hatched all of her eggs. The broody got up to stretch her legs and the chicks started to follow her, but, she runs away, growls at them and pecks them. She doesn't seem to know what they are and she doesn't want to have anything to do with them. The broody has since tried to go back into her broody box without the chicks, but, we are trying to keep her with them.

Does anyone have any advice how to get the broody to want to care for her chicks?

We can taken them away and raise seperately but had preferred mumma to raise them.

Thanks to anyone that can help.

Also - I just wanted to say thanks to everyone on this forum. We got our 2 silkie chickens and 1 rooster earlier this year and from all of the helpful info on this site we have come this far to having 4 little silkie chicks.

Thanks again
Allow her to sleep in her broody area with the chicks tonight. Hopefully after another night of them moving and cheeping under her she will trigger her maternal instincts. If she is pecking at them, all bets are off and I would remove them. Good luck.
Thanks so much both of you!

She is in the broody box with them now (even though it is the middle of the day and the chicks seem to want to explore and she wants to brood), she is getting aggitated at them moving, but, she isn't pecking them.
It seems she is only 'scared' of them and attacks and/or runs away from them when she is up moving around and they are trying to follow her.

We will leave them with her and keep an eye on her for a little while longer and keep fingers crossed that they grow on her and she falls in love
Hi sonew123,

They are in the chicken house together and alone, she is in her broody box, but, they getting up and wandering around the chicken house alone - which isn't huge, a few metres squared - while she stays put sitting on nothing.
I can reduce the area they are in - would that help?

I hope things are sorting out.
Give plenty of chick starter in a number of areas. She may go to feed and the chicks will go with may settle her.
I am assuming this is her first hatch. She will be great next time round, but that doesn't help too much with this hatch.

Good Luck,

No if they are alone-thats good-But like pgpoultry said I woul dput numerous feeders near them so the chicks can see their food without mom. If she chooses not to show them youll have too for her--Ive had to do that a few times for new moms:)
How old are the chicks? Have you seen them drink water? The Momma may not be "teaching" them. You'll have to teach them by dunking their beaks in water. Leave plenty of food around, too. How warm is it where you are? You may need some supplemental heat for them, too, if Momma keeps rejecting them.

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