HELP bubbly eye question......wich antibiotic???


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11 Years
Jul 30, 2008
I thought that my bantam hen had a eye injury from a peck at first. I noticed a couple of other hens has what looks like a small black spot on the bottom of their eye lid so I thought it was a injury.
Now her eye is swollen and bubbly and I hear some sneezing going on within the flock.

I bought some Terramycin ointment for her eyes. I started that.

I have Sulmet and Terramycin for the water. I have no idea wich to use.
I also have Tylan 50 for shots but I read you can put it in
the water... but, how much. I also read you can put in their eye, how do you do that??

What would be the dosage for bantams ??
Oh I'm lost ..

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