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May 17, 2017
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I am in need of some serious advice, one of my chickens has come down with bumble-foot on both of her feet! I have had my chickens for a couple years now and they have never had an issue until now and I have no idea what to do because we have never had to deal with it. They look like marbles under her skin, their not on the bottoms of her feet their in between her toes.

I started doing some research and found that "surgically removing" is the best option, but we are trying everything to prevent that (i just don't know if I emotionally ready for her hurting my little lady) and I am concerned that the healing process afterward might become an issue too... :(

We have tried to soak her feet in Epsom salt and wrap her spots in gauze soaked with Vetrecyn, but her bandages sometimes come off or she picks at them. she gets stressed out whenever we try to work with her ( and normally she is my most friendly, personable bird) and so maybe we aren't doing something right or soaking her feet long enough.

I am starting to notice that one of her feet is bothering her more than the other and I am getting nervous she is getting worse. I have some pictures I would like to post to see if maybe anyone could tell me more about them?

is it time for surgery or can anyone help me and my little lady??
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May 28, 2015
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Pictures will be extremely helpful.

If you’re uncomfortable doing surgery some people have luck using a drawing salve.

To keep bandages on you can use vet wrap—or the human version—coach wrap. It sticks to itself and holds gauze in place.


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Apr 17, 2014
is it time for surgery or can anyone help me and my little lady??

I would go for the surgery. I have never done it, but at our county fair last year, the poultry judge instructed my friend to do it for her Call Duck. My friend said it was not as bad as she had thought it would be, and it relieved a lot of pain for her duck. Do your research and you should be fine.


Mar 11, 2018
I had a hen with it on both feet. It was before I found this board so I google searched how I could naturally heal it, without performing surgery. I began adding apple cider vinegar to their water and sometimes garlic cloves, to boost her immune system. It completely went away on its own and never came back! I had ordered the Green Goo animal first aid, but I never even had to use it.

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