Help! Chick found half dead!


Sep 14, 2018

This morning one of my brooding hens had three new chicks and one just poking a hole out of its egg. I came by later today and found the one that had poked a hole, was now just in half of its membrane and had rolled out of the nest. My hen seemed not interested in it and I thought that the chick was dead. I gently pulled the membrane away so I could see her better and it wasn’t breathing that I could tell. All of a sudden it’s beak opened and I quickly brought her under a heat lamp and gently blew into her face, (her beak was open) she instantly began taking in the air and started breathing on her own. After five or so minutes she’s now breathing on her own and has even begun chirping and even wiggling around. My question is, do any of you think she’ll make it and do you think I should give her back to my hen or raise her in a brooder(which I normally don’t do, my hens normally raise there own chicks, I’ve only used the brooder when needed) the only thing noticeably wrong right now is she’s struggling to hold her head up but that may be because she just half hatched.

thank you


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I would keep hope for the little one. It could very well make it. As far as putting it back under the hen, I am not sure. I have only raised a few with broodies. Most have been brooder raised, but I personally would much rather broodies raise my chicks. They are less likely to make mistakes. The chicks get to sleep without light shining on them, mom is always the right temperature, pasting up isn't a problem, mom will teach them things and she will protect the chicks as you integrate them into the flock. The first chick we hatched years ago rolled out of the nest and died in the cold night. I also had two hens fight over eggs and one was cracked. Since then I have made sure broodies are in a protected crate when hatch time comes. If you decide to put the chick back under the hen I would try to keep an eye on things without disturbing them too much.

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You might try after dark by putting the chick in the cup of you hand and slipping it back under mama hen. Most will accept. As cr long as the chick is acting normal. Once you put it back just hand around for a while an make sure mama is settled in with it.


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I would keep the chick under the heat lamp until it finishes hatching at this point, then slip it under mama hen at night with the other chicks.

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