HELP! Chick has big raw area under wing from mom


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10 Years
Sep 8, 2009
Mother Hen hatched this chick and three others outside in the coop 2.5 weeks ago. Everything was good until 3 days ago when this chick started walking with a limp. It got worse to the point where she would barely use the leg and just hop on one leg. I think that since the chick was "weak" mom started pecking at her. I noticed a small spot on her a couple days ago after the limp started, but today when I went out there it was bad. Just about the whole part under the wing and a bit more is raw. Raw like no skin is there. Poor chick must be hurting. Is there anything I can do to help it heal and prevent infection? I moved the chick upstairs by a few others that I have but she is separated for now.

Well, I had to cull the little guy. She hopped out of the box and when I picked her up I noticed a huge abscess on her chest. I didnt notice it before because I was wearing gloves. This little guy was hurting with her limp leg, huge sore and not the abscess/blister thing on her chest.


This was my first time culling a chick.


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