Jul 6, 2020
hi, I woke up before online school to give my chicks and adult hen some food but when I got out there my hen was in her coop(she is usually running around) the chicks were not chirping and when I look one chick was missing and then I saw blood feathers and a heart on the floor and my hen is missing a piece of her comb😭😭 and there's blood all over her face I think it was a hawk. whenever she hears them crying she would go out there to care for them but I think when she tried to go help them the hawk bite a piece off of her comb because she is missing 1 pointy thing on her comb and there is blood on her comb and head. I'm putting the chicks back in the garage today and until they are big enough to go out there. I started with 4 chicks 1 died because it was sick and know 1 got killed so know I'm left with 2 RIR pullets that are 4 1/2 weeks here's a video
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May 6, 2020
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I'm sorry for your loss this morning.
I think you said in your video that your Hen is not accepting your new addition of chicks. If that is correct, it's important that you begin the integration process of them. "Look but don't touch".
Yes, the hawk will be back. Clean up the remaining parts of your dead chicken so not to feed the hawk.
You can secure Hardware cloth wire around the dog crate with zip ties.
Walmart sales it too..
Then the hawk or raccoon can't reach through and grab a chicken and pull it through the crate bars.
Put the secured dog crate next to the Hen house for the "look and can't touch". You can read all about integration.
I wish you luck.
Now that the hawk knows you have chickens, it will be back. NOW is a good time to protect your girls.


Apr 23, 2020
Southeast TN
Sorry for your loss, it's very difficult when that happens. We also recently suffered a hawk attack though fortunately no losses just the trauma. You should keep your chickens put up (together) in a secure area for several days to discourage another aerial attack, they can even attack full grown chickens for food so the hen isn't safe either. And re-evaluate what you can do to help protect them from an aerial predator... for example getting higher fence posts + placing netting or wire mesh across the top of their run area and adding more hiding areas for your chickens.

I also recommend upgrading your coop in the very near future to something a bit bigger and more secure. Because night time predators should be your next worry. A raccoon can reach through the bars of a crate or something could dig under and into that little coop. These are all just tips to help stop more losses from predators. Many of us are on similar learning curves or constantly having to adjust something to stop a predator because chickens are very tasty easy meals to a lot of animals unfortunately :hit

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