Help!! Chick is in eye pain!!


5 Years
May 25, 2015
I got Chubby and two other chicks a couple of days ago. She is now about 2 weeks old, the other two are 3 and ahalf weeks old. When I got them, Chubby had a bloody lower eye-like the eyelid. We thought she was blind but we took her in. We put them first in a cage...they were fine until they started pecking at night. I woke up one day to see Chubby with a small bald spot on her wings and some on her eye. My brother said he saw them peck Chubby's eye so I decided to keep her away from the rest. I moved her to a small basket, and put a cover with holes on it because I have cats outside which can be dangerous for them. She became fine with it until just this noon, I saw her eye shut. She scratches it with her wings or her feet. And when she does so, she can barely stand in pain...and she cries. I'm starting to worry. There still seems to be a bald spot around her eye and there is a dried trail of blood around too. What should I do? Help!

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