HELP! chick stands like human, can hardly walk and chirps loudly a lot

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    Apr 6, 2012
    I need help! My chick stands like human, can hardly walk and chirps loudly a lot. We got it because it was sick and wanted to give it a better chance than where it was.

    it would fall over and get pecked by the others so we isolated it. could it be so simple as not knowing how to lay down? or do you think it's in pain? it had what appeared to be a scab on the belly, and it may have a distended belly. I also wonder if its head is too big and makes it fall over or maybe it has sprawl leg. It is also very sleepy , falls asleep, and falls over. any results from your chicks everyone? did they make it?

    it was picked on by the other chicks there and would topple over. we got it to try to help it. we have it separate from our other chicks. it seems that maybe its leg is sprawled.
    Additional Details

    all the other chicks run around, jump, etc... this one just stands there holding itself up with its legs stretched out, falls asleep standing, falls over, and has to struggle to get back on it's feet to repeat the same cycle again.

    what should I do?

    The chick basically only sleeps on it's back if I tuck it into a washcloth. it's not cold, but the washcloth helps keep it on its back so it can sleep.

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