Help! Chick with a bad eye!

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    Jan 6, 2013
    We are very new at raising chicks...this is our second round of hatching eggs and everyone has looked great so far but one little guy. He is a week old rhode island red with a very swollen eye. It may be nothing but I just wanted to get some advice from the veterans here. He was born healthy looking and just yesterday did we notice the eye issue. It is so swollen that he cannot open it right now. I was thinking that his brothers and sisters may have pecked him but I am not sure and wanted to make sure this isn't a sign for some other sickness. Any advice on what may have happened or what is causing this would be helpful. They are kept in a chick brooder with pine shavings and currently being feed medicated chick starter. (not sure if all this info is needed but wanted to include it just in case :) ) Like I said everyone else looks and acts awesome and I hope this is just a simple case and we can do something to help him feel better. Thanks to any advice in advance!!
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    I would recommend getting vetrimycyn. It is a spray antoiotic that can be used on all animals. (Fleet frama nd most feed stores carry it). And I have heard stories of farmers using this on their own eyes to clear pink eye. Just a thought...
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    Mar 28, 2012
    Yes, Vertramycin is a very good medicine, but you could also drop some saline drops into his eyes. When my chick's were burned from a heat lamp, they couldn't open their eyes, so we dropped saline solution in their eyes and they eventually opened up!

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