Help!! Chicken can't breathe!


8 Years
Jan 15, 2012
My chicken can't breath. She opens her beak upwards and hisses. It's gotten really bad now and her breath rattles. No vets in the area treat chickens. I'm at whits end. Huz suggests a mercy kill even though she is our favorite bird. She has pooped herself as well, her eyes droop and close, she won't take water or food. She is now crouching in the bushes gasping for air. This totally sucks. I have no clue what I should do. Any help at all would be so appreciated.
Not much I can help with but maybe she ate something she shouldnt have. Your husband may be right bad as I hate to tell anyone that. Wishing you luck here
Thanks for your replies. I just need a vet page or somewhere where I can get some help for my chicken. She is about to die and is really suffering. There are literally no vets on the West Coast of the South Island who treat chickens. It would require a 500km round trip and two days of absence to get her to a vet over the pass. I realize no one here has experience with her symptoms, but maybe someone has some other web page where I can get some help for her. Thanks in advance for any help at all.
I am sorry. It just doesn't sound good.
You said that she's about to die and really suffering.
You could start her on antibiotics , you could check her throat for a blockage, but maybe your hubby is right about being merciful.
sure is not something like gapworm? Just throwing that out there...can you look down her throat? Can you see a blockadge? How long has she been like that?
Hmm..... I have no idea how to treat this. I'm sorry, I wish I knew more. But maybe the trip would be better than letting everyday pass by, knowing that your Chicken could be suffering worse and worse. I really think a trip to the Vet would be great. I understand you're far away from the Vet, so I think this is a tough decision.

My suggestion is taking the trip if you love your Chicken. Chances are, everyday you wait, your bird might be getting worse. So, there's my advice. It probably didn't help, but I hope at least this helps you decide. Good luck! Your Chicken is in my prayers :)
Thanks! And, Chicks&Chickens, I wouldn't hesitate for a second to take her for the two day trip if it weren't for 14 other chickens, two kittens, a needy dog and a worm farm that all need tending (and my better half works all day). I am also pretty sure that Henny wouldn't make the trip. She keeps nodding out and falling over today, and earlier I found her in the grass where I thought she had died, but she got up and moved a bit again. She eats a tiny bit, gasping between nibbles. We have tried to force feed her water but she can't breathe when we do it, she coughs and gasps and sprays it out again. She appears to have no obstruction in her throat and her crop appears not to be impacted. It seems more like pneumonia than anything. Do chickens get pneumonia?

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