Help.Chicken died suddenly, Seizure, Lame, Not eating.It was to sudden

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    Please help.
    My Pullet, Acorn died.Just now.
    I went out about half hour 45 minutes ago.She was acting off, She didn't come running to treats, she was acting a bit lame.She wouldn't walk, So a picked her up and brought her in.She laid down and closed her eyes, I made a Homemade Electrolyte water, And I gave her yogurt with a bit of garlic.She wouldn't eat it.Shemwasnt pale in the comb or face, her tail was down, Her eyes were bright, No mites or lice, No bumble foot.But she would close her eyes.So, we had to clean up the house so a brought her outside for a bit.No reaction.Brought her in, put her in a dog crate.I was just going to write a post about her being sick, when she started flopping around, like she was having a seizure, Then died.On the spot.Just like that.

    Before that she was free ranging, I'm 90% sure she laid a egg, She are Blue Seal Extra Layer egg, She would have been a year old in June, She was a clean faced Easter Egger.

    What could have caused this so suddenly?Should I be worried for the rest of my flock?What did she have?

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    I'm sorry for your loss. What part of the US are you located? It's possible that she may have had an accident where she suffered leg, back, or internal injuries. I would look at her crop to see if it was full or hard, but many times they will empty their crops, and sometimes have a seizure or a twisted neck during the stages during death. I would feel inside her vent with one finger to check if she was egg bound. If you can, refrigerate her body in a plastic bag, but don't freeze it. Tomorrow morning early, contact your state vet or poultry lab to get a necropsy done on her. It could have been something like Mareks, an accident, or some sort of virus. Egg binding has been know to cause a temporary paralysis of the legs. I am sorry that you lost her, especially so suddenly. Here are some links to read about state vets and poultry labs:
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    Hello.Im in Maine.I already buried her :/ But before I had checked her for egg bound, and as I said, I'm 90% sure she laid a egg, And before she died I had felt her crop, it was soft, normal.I don't think it was Mareks, Because she was vaccinatedas a chick I Belive.
    But, I cannot do anymore now, Because she is buried, with everyone else.
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    Also, Her legs weren't "paralyzed" Like Mareks would do.She could shuffle, and when I first brought her inside, she was standing.
    I checked for egg bound, any signs of Bumble Foot.I was so hoping it was just a 24 hour bug :/

    I would also like to add, One of her feet was swelled just a LITTLE bit.I checked for any broken bones or sprains, None.

    Could she have eaten something bad when she was free ranging?I don't know possibly what!I don't use any chemicals, I don't have any poinsious plants around....
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    [​IMG] So sorry about Acorn. I must say, I love your photographic records of your birds. "RIP ACORN". Lovely memorial of a beloved pet. God bless. [​IMG]
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    Oh, Thank you so much, Light :hugs

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