Help! Chicken fell off roost and can't stand up. What can I do for her??


9 Years
May 28, 2010
little rock
Hey everyone I really need to know if there is anything I can do to help my hen. Yesterday when my girl was trying to roost she got pushed off the bar. She fell about 5 ft and hit the ladder and then the floor. I heard the horrible thud from the porch and rushed into her. She was on the floor laying on her side and breathing heavy. I tried to get her to stand and she would not be weight on her left foot. I have brought her inside and she is in a dog crate with lots of hay. She won't move but I am feeding her scrambled egg and giving her water. I can't see the vet till Monday am so I want to know what else I can do for her. How do I know if she has any internal injuries? When I move her a little to give her water and food her poop is very watery. Can I give her aspirin? What should I be doing for her till Monday??? I would be so grateful for anyone's ideas!!
Sorry I forgot to mention I put the electrolytes in her water too. Would some baby aspirin in her water be bad? I just know she is hurting. I have left her alone most of the day. I do not want to stress her out any more than she is.
Asprins ok if theres no internal bleeding, dose is 1 81mg asprin 2 times a day for a large breed in the 5+ lbs range
Can anyone tell me how I would know if there is internal bleeding? I would like to give her some aspirin but I am nervous to do it. I don't want to hurt her.
How is your hen doing, Arkansaschicks? I had something similar happen to my hen tonight. I am worried about her.
Yea its best not to give aspirin if you aren't sure what you are doing or what is going on. Aspirin is an NSAID and it inhibits the blood from clotting so thats why you don't want to give it when theres internal bleeding. Is this chicken old that she fell off the roost? I've had chickens fall like that and had no problems. Is she doing any better?
Well my hen fell Friday night and My vet could not see her till Tuesday. She was doing fine in her crate she just would not put any weight on her leg. Well got her in yesterday and the vet did an x-ray and said it was broken and needed surgery. She said she did not see any reason it couldn't be fixed and she would be fine. So today they called and said her bones were too brittle and they could not get the pin to stay. So long story short she had to be put down. Very hard getting that call when you think they are calling to say she is recovering and come get her :( So what happened to your girl? I will try to help in any way I can. My vet said aspirin does not really work. She gave me a pain med for my girl for Mon. and Tues. till it could get fixed. I would say get her to a vet if you can. I'm sure they can splint it!!! Mine just broke her leg too far up and also had brittle bones.
Sorry your hen couldn't be helped.

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