Help. Chicken in my backyard. I'm in Louisville, KY. Beautiful bird.


9 Years
Oct 17, 2010
Hi - I need help and I consider this an emergency. You all may not. There is a chicken in my backyard. I found the people who are supposed to own him and they are denying it (because they've been in trouble w/ animal control. I'm in Louisville, KY and really need someone to come and get this poor chicken. I"m sure he's hungry. I can't get close to him and know nothing about chickens. Anyone close to me in Lou?
I am sure someone will want it. Is it crowing like a rooster ? Toss out some birdseed and a small bowl of water until you find someone. That will keep it there until you find a taker. Try posting a pic, people will come running for a free good looking hen.

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