HELP!! Chicken limping, raw breast feathers, eating eggs, and getting pecked at by other chickens

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    May 10, 2012
    Hi! I have a 10 month old Buff Orp who is in trouble. When I went to the coop this am to collect eggs and check on everyone here is what I found:

    One hen with an egg matted to her breast. As I was pulling it off I noticed a lot of her breast feathers were gone. When I got the egg free and set her down, I realized she was limping. Almost immediately the other hens began pecking at her feet and breast as well. I set her back up in the coop, and she went right to a broken egg and began pecking at it. It was a new egg as we check the coop daily for fresh eggs. I took the egg away and set up a makeshift "hen hospital" where we kept them as chicks. I am really not sure what in the world is wrong with her, or even what I should do now. I saw no signs of another animal in the coop, and the other 8 hens seem to be fine. She is in an inclosed area now with food and water and clean shavings, but I need some advice. Anyone have ANY clue what might be wrong or what I should do for her? Please help!!
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    Mar 27, 2012
    keep her inside for a few days and watch her you can also go to walmart and get some multi drops for birds and mix some with vanilla yogurt then use a syringe and open her beak and put some in there 2 times a day because eating the egg is a cause of low nutrients. you could also hard boil an egg and give to her if you like. as for the limping you can rap it in vet rap just to keep it straight also look on the bottom and see if she may have bumble foot witch may be the cause of the limping. other than that just watch her
    good luck any questions you can massage me

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