HELP! Chickens have snotty noses!

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    Nov 16, 2015
    I noticed yesterday my 5 Lohmann browns have runny noses; I got them on the 15th this month. They are about 12 months old. My 26 other chickens have no symptoms - 5 of these are Australorps who came from the same seller. The seller had vaccinated all of them against newcastle disease.

    It has not been windy any greater than a gentle breeze. The temperature has been 30--35 celsius(86--95 fahrenheit) the past couple of days.

    They have been laying almost everyday. They have no feather loss. They have been eating regularly, drinking normally, and run around energetically. Faces/wattles look fine, no swelling or unusual colouring. They have access to multiple community water sources, including a large pond. They sometimes peck the little ones and the ancona hens. They love the ancona rooster and hang with him often. They eat grass, bugs, etc. while free ranging and have a supplement of AGM Mixed Grains. They go to bed themselves with a full crop, jumping up the ladder of their coop just fine. Basically they appear healthy and strong in every other way.
    [​IMG] Their coop has a metal floor, with a layer of dirt and rhodes hay. The nest boxes are full of rhodes hay. Not much ventilation but it's not dusty.
    Images of their grain mix. (I did not take these photos)

    Images of their run can be seen here:

    This photo was taken the morning after they arrived at my place. They seemed to have either come with the runny nose, or developed it within one night.
    Some of them have more of the mucus on their noses than others. They sneeze on occasion, especially when they go to the coop at night, but otherwise seem to have no trouble breathing. I cleaned the snot off their noses today; it was crusted with dirt, but underneath that the liquid parts were thin and clear. There was a very faint foul odour. I only saw one of them poo, and it was clear, watery and had bubbles in it but that could be due to how much they are drinking to cope with the hot weather.

    What should I do? [​IMG]
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    May 15, 2015
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    Nov 16, 2015
    Thanks for the link, but it does not match my situation at all. I believe these 5 hens must have come with runny noses, meaning they have had it for at least 6 days, and in that time the symptoms have not worsened and it has not spread to any of the other chickens, whom they are in direct contact with. Apart from a little snot, these hens are totally normal and healthy.
    I have read about various respiratory diseases, but this does not seem to match any that I've read about so far.
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    Maybe try adding vitamin supplements / electrolytes to their drinking water - it should help give their immune system a boost and make for a faster recovery.

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    I usually add antibiotics to feed in this type of situation. However, it you are dealing with a viral or fungal infection the disease will progress no matter what you do. Deworming them may help with the diarrhea. You can necropsy a bird by a professional but that may be expensive.

    Also, remember some birds my have a nasal discharge during extreme heat as the body tries to lower its core temperature. However you don't usually have an odor.
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    Dec 29, 2014
    it might be stress from moving to a new place. give them vitamins and if you have some probiotics. clean their beaks with vinegar (on the cotton wool) and watch them. lohmanns are sensitive birds. if they don't get better soon try some antibiotics (baytril works best for me but you should check what people in your country say). even if it is viral antibiotics will help with secondary infections.
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    Nov 16, 2015
    Thanks everyone for the suggestions! [​IMG]

    I'll start giving them some vitamin supplements - let's hope that works!

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