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    May 9, 2016
    My FIRST CHICK! just hatched in the brooder and I am wondering what to do with it. It says in the instructions to take the chicks out when most of them have hatched but the incubator is not that large and the chick is falling all over all the other eggs and making a big deal of being in there and seriously sounds like it wants OUT! What should i do?Bring the brooder in for the night and put it in a room? We had the brooder outside in a shed but we don't want to put it alone out there where we can't easily check on it. HELP! can i immediately take the chick out of the incubator and put it in the brooder?

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    Sep 23, 2015
    Deer park, Washington
    Yes I use a big cardboard box in shop with light . In house is good too.. watch cats lol. .
    I usally hatch at 70% humidity. . When some hatch usally humidity spikes.. I take advantage of that by snatching older chicks out. By just lifting a quick corner...

    Don't let humidity can poor a little water in corner if necessary without lifting lid to much..

    Some people will say just leave them in.. I'm just saying what I do
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    May 12, 2016
    We recently hatched 6 Easter Eggers, we took them out of the incubator 5 mins after hatch. It should be fine if you put him in brooder now. [​IMG]

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