Help, chics chirping, 3 pips, can't see any water in the resoviors

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    Nov 27, 2010
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    Sorry, think i double posted....I have brisnea mini advance, chirps this morning- now 3 pips and still faint chirps, but the hygrometer my kids put in I can't see it, they put it under the lid

    I can't even see any water in the reservoirs, I filled the resoviors to the top on Sunday morning when I went into lockdown

    Can't read hygrometer and can't see water, should I open the lid real quick and add water, or slide warm wet paper towel in their, sponge ???

    Anyone own this brisnea mini advance and If so did you add water to it during the last day or so...?, or never needed too?..

    So nervous this is going to not work

    Advice sought

    Sitting on my hands but not sue if I should add more water

    Thank u
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    Yes... Take the top off quickly.. Use warm water so that the humidity will rise quickly.. Dip your hand in some of that warm water and wipe it on the inside lid and close it back up... If you have a mister, mist the eggs once, but not so much that they have water running off of them.

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    Dec 18, 2010
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    put in small container of warm water quicly

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