HELP! Cloudy eye, greenish poop, feather loss

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    I currently have three chickens: one amberlink, one buff Orpington, and one easter egger. One of my amberlinks passed away from lash egg three weeks ago :( and now there's something wrong with my easter egger, Pepper! Two days ago, we were treating the coop and chickens for mites when we noticed that pepper's right eye was cloudy with a white spot in the middle! We thought some of the mite powder may have gotten in her eye, but it still hasn't gotten better. Today, I noticed a white spot forming in her good eye. Thinking back, I realized that she had been losing a lot of feathers lately (we thought she was molting), she had stopped laying, and someone in the coop and greenish poop. Every time I try to approach her, she closes her bad eve so I can't get a good look at her. I'm not sure if this makes a difference, but we recently got a puppy that thinks the chickens are toys, so the poor girls are under some stress.
    Her good eye
    Her bad eye closed
    Poop (not sure if it's pepper's)
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    Her poop looks within normal limits, but it can become more green from eating greens or from not eating enough. Her right eye looks infected, either from an injury, infection, or a respiratory disease. Does she have any other symptoms, such as gasping, sneezing, or wheezing? For an eye infection, you should clean out the eye with saline or water and cotton. Then apply some Terramycin eye ointment, plain Neosporin, or Vetericyn eye gel to the eye twice a day. If you think it is a respiratory disease, then Tylan 50 injectable, oxytetracycline, or Duramycin are used to treat bacterial infections. Here is a list of common respiratory diseases:

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