Help! Cochin Rooster with Swollen eye and very pale comb and wattles

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    Nov 20, 2010
    Hello all, I wanted to ask for your help or suggestions on this matter. About a week ago, I noticed our beloved rooster Seagull had one eye closed. I figure he just got something in it or was maybe pecked by another chicken. His eye was a little puffy and there was a small amount of puss seeping out. I immediately separated him from the rest of the flock, put him on antibiotic water, have been feeding him very healthy food including egg and yogurt, and applying triple antibiotic ointment twice a day to his eye. since then, the eye has swelled significantly and the eyeball has turned totally yellow. His comb and wattles have also turned very pale. Surprisingly, he still crows every morning and evening, and is eating well and maintaining a good attitude considering his state. We don't want to loose him and would very much appreciate any suggestions that might help with his recovery. I have included pictures of both of hi eyes. Thanks SOOOOOO much.


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    Look up infectious coryza. Sorry your bird is sick:-(

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