HELP! Condensation in coop!!!


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Hey all!

I have all but finished my new coop and have a problem that I need to fix before my chicks arrive on Monday! (I will post pictures when I can, but I don't have any right now and the other computer has been having problems so I can't upload the ones I have)

Here goes:

My new coop is 8' X 16', uninsulated, with T111 board for the exterior siding. I used the currogated vinyl roofing panels for the roof and did not put anything underneath them, they are exposed on the inside. I just noticed that in the morning hours there is alot of condensation that is dripping off of these panels as a result of the humidity in the air. I have ALOT of ventilation (4" wide all the way around the top plus the front wall has a 20" by 12 foot open window that just has hardware cloth over it.

When I walked in the coop this morning it almost felt like it was raining on me! Will this hurt anything? What can I put under these roof panels that will help? any suggestions?

I also have some ventilation at ground level so the bedding should dry out fairly quickly once the sun comes up enough to dry things out, but I don't know if the condensation will aggravate the birds or cause them problems.....

HELP! What do I do?



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Ventilation is not your problem. You need to insulate the underside of the roof. I have seen condensation dripping from the bottom of the roof of many farm sheds around here. Even a pole shed with no sides can have the roof sweat.


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You might want to read this paper.... INSULATING LIVESTOCK AND OTHER FARM BUILDINGS from Purdue University

Here's a short cut-n-paste from that paper discussing what is happening with your coop....

Principle 4. Warm air holds more moisture than cold air.
The moisture-holding capacity of air doubles with each 20F rise in temperature. This principle explains why walls and ceilings become wet and drip.

Livestock add heat and moisture vapor to the surrounding air. So when warm, moisture-laden air in the animal environment contacts a cool surface, such as a poorly-insulated wall or ceiling, cold window or foundation, the air cools and can no longer hold as much water vapor. This causes condensation or `sweating.' If the surface is cold enough, this condensate freezes. Insulation prevents condensation by keeping the inside surfaces warm--i.e., above the `dew point' (saturation temperature of the air).

What I believe is happening is that the sun is hitting the roof and between the outside warm skin of the roof and the interior cooler skin the 20* difference is being created.

On down in the article it shows some drawings of installing rigid foam insulation on the bottom of the roof trusses basically createing a ceiling made of the insulation. So, you may not need to remove your roofing...though it would be better if the insulation had been put on under the roof.

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It seems to me that I've seen extruded foam insulation panels that are shaped to mate with corrugated roofing panels. I can't remember where I've seen them though. You may want to check where you purchased the panels to see if they have something like that.


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Honestly, if you just screw some thin plywood to the underside of the rafters, making sure there are no gaps at the edges where air can sneak around, that is likely to be quite sufficient for Tennessee.

Be careful though if you used the PVC plastic panels (the cheaper ones, e.g. Palruf) rather than the polycarbonate (the more expensive ones, e.g. Suntuf) because they will degrade rapidly if installed over plywood or insulation or anything else like that.

Good luck, have fun,



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Ha, I wonder if you have gotten finished....after all this time? I have found that keeping chickens in kinda non stop...I guess I could stop...improving, adding changing, I guess I don't want to...yet. It's still new to me.

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