HELP!! Coturnix Quail Chick breathing problems. - Chick died :/


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7 Years
Oct 22, 2012
My 1 day old quail chick has been weak ever since it hatched. It hatched 12 hours after the other 2 I have.
It hasn't eaten or drunken anything (maybe a few drops of water) and it's very sleepy. I have tried it on a bit of sugar water, but that didn't seem to help at all.
Sometimes I think it's getting better, but then it goes back down hill, and right now, it looks dead, just breathing, no body movement.
It gasps for air if it's finding it hard breathing. I'm guessing it's a respiratory problem.
I've separated it from the others and tried to clean out the brooder as best as I could.
The chick's feces are white with green and they are gooey.
I've become attached to this little chick, and I am absolutely devastated to find it's sick.
I have no 'avian' vet where I live, and the vet's here don't seem to take poultry in.
If you have any suggestions or advice for me, it would be much appreciated.. To save this little guys life!
(I know culling it would probably be the most highly recommended answer, but no, I'm looking for ways to possibly improve his chances of survival.)

- Sorry if you're unable to understand me, I haven't slept and I'm just typing what's going on in my head!
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