Help deciding between Delaware and Black Australorp Cockerel

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    Nov 25, 2015
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    I have 10 chicks total that are all 5 weeks old. Definitely have at least 2 cockerels. If all things are equal, which should I keep? We have 2 Delaware pullets, 2 EE pullets, 1 partridge rock pullet, 1 black australorp pullet and 2 golden laced wyandotte pullets. Eventually want to hatch some eggs to help replenish our flock once the hens start getting older. Which between the Delaware and the Black Australorp cockerels would be best to keep as our rooster? I know there will be differences amongst individuals of a breed, but in general which breed will be best at alerting to predators, being easier on the hens and easiest for my family including children to be around? From what I've read, the Australorp is a better egg layer than the Delaware. Out of the chicks we have, the Delawares are by far the most friendly, and that includes the cockerel we're considering keeping. The australorp cockerel is difficult to catch and handle, but they both seem to be easy going with the pullets so far, although I know the hormones aren't raging yet as they are still only 5 weeks old. Based on our situation, which cockerel would you keep and why?
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    If at all possible, I would grow them out until their mature personalities became evident.
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    I agree with sourland; you always want to choose the bird with the better temperament. However, if you have to choose at an early age, I would personally go with the Australorp for the following reasons. While both are generally docile breeds, in my personal experience, Australorps tend to have the calmer and more gentle temperament (of course there can always be exceptions); and while both breeds are cold hardy, Australorps definitely take heat better than Delawares; and while both breeds are good layers, Australorps are typically the better layers of the two (as you indicated yourself from what you've read on them). Either way though, I don't think you are likely to go wrong with either rooster.
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    Jul 17, 2015
    I would choose the Delaware chicken they are fast growers. And their a cross of my 2 favorite chicken breeds, New Hampshire red and the barred Plymouth rock.
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