Help Diagnose my Sick Birds - Could be NewCastle Disease or Avian Flu?

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    Jun 20, 2011

    We're really new to the farm life, we only moved from the city to the farm last fall and began getting animals this spring. We wanted to raise Heritage chickens for meat & eggs for ourselves and our landlords, but as we have a very small income, we have to do this on the cheap as much as we can. We started with the local or which are online sites similar to Craigslist for buy/sell/trade. Last month we found 4 free 4month old Barred Rock roosters that we thought one would be a nice rooster and the rest to eat. These birds are young and healthy.

    Two weeks later, I found two 1 1/2 year old Barred Rock hens for sale, they were $10.00 ea, raised by a young 4-H member who has many, many types of chickens, ducks and others together. She caught the two hens, I noticed that one of them had a bit of what looked like bird droppings on her rear, but I thought that was normal and thought nothing of it. I also noticed that with both hens, the combs do not stand up straight, but flop over. The hen with the messy back end, I soon realized had diarrhea, thus the mess. I also never got any eggs from her, while the other one produces about an egg a day. Both of the hens would forage and free range with the cockerels, all sleeping at night in a portable chicken coop, with first hay and then straw for bedding after I read about the hay having aspergillis spores if it had gotten wet. After the initial week, I noticed that dominant hen was sleeping a lot, that she didn't want to free range very much and that she seemed like she was broody as I had to move her off of the egg the other chicken had layed. This past week, (our 2nd with them) I noticed that her lethargy was increased and that she had lost many feathers from her bottom vent area, and that she seemed quite red in the vent and bottom area. I came home to find her eating the only fig I had on my little tree and when I picked her up to move her out of the greenhouse was shocked to find that her entire chest/breast area was red & irritated, bald, and hot to the touch! Plus, she didn't really try to run from me. We separated her from the others, and watched for a few days, she got sicker and we ended up killing and burying her.

    I took pics so you can see and maybe help, but I don't know how to add them to this post...the image tag doesn't link to anything...
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    What makes you think she had either of those diseases? The symptoms are pretty vague and could be any number of things.

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