HElp!! Disaster!! Babies dying averyday


9 Years
Apr 23, 2010
Yadkinville NC-3yrs
I have lost 6 chicks in the last 3 days!! they have plenty of fresh water and feed, I can only imagine they are either cold or they don't have good enough ventilation I put a heat lite in with them. gave them save a chick additive, and the door to their coop is open but I am still finding them dead!!!??? any ideas
Do they have alot of dried poop on their butts? If so it's pastey butt, clean off the poop with warm water and give the sick ones a little water with sugar in it, it really perks them up.
Remember that chicks can also die from too much heat. If they are less than a week old, they should have access to 90-95F heat but they should also be able to get away from the heat to areas of the brooder that are much cooler. That way, they can choose their own ideal temperature. The whole brooder should not be at the same temperature.

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