HELP!! Do you think she will die??

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  1. 2 1/2 months old bantam cochin pullet was attacked by something and her skin was ripped off her neck from just behind her ear down to her upper chest. This happened on Wednesday. We have her in a separate pen, poly-vi-sol drops, electrolytes, boiled eggs, treats, etc. Wound is nice and clean with polysporin. She is a very sweet pullet and we have a 2 week old chick in with her that keeps her company. She seems to like having him around. He even slips up under her wing and breast every now and then!

    She seemed remarkably well on Wednesday, Thursday and yesterday. Today she seems very lethargic, not eating or drinking much...just wanting to sleep most of the time. No sign of infection anywhere.

    For you that have experience with injuries like long does it take for them to get back to their normal selves? She has always been a bit of a loner and very attached to us although she has been with babies her own age for a couple of months now.
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    Did you put her on any antibiotic? She might need some tylan to fight off any internal infection. That is what I did for my roo that had his skin ripped off his neck, could see his jaw points. he is now happy and healthy..good luck [​IMG]
  3. No, I didn't. I guess I can do that. I hate to use antibiotics unless I know there is a bacterial infection to treat. But if she doesn't perk up I guess I'll have to do that.

    Anyone else have any input??
  4. If ANYONE else has experience with injuries like this, I would so much appreciate some advice.

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    If it's such a large open wound and she's not showing improvement 4-5 days after the injury, a course of antibiotics would not be a bad thing. It's only bad when given routenly to chicks or adults "just because", so you're justified if you do give some to her. But if you don't see inflammation, it may not be necessary as they are rather resistant animals.

    With all you're doing, it's possible she has an internal injury you can't see that is causing her to decline further. Perhaps 5 regular asprin in a gallon of water could take the edge off the pain. Only asprin though.

    Hope she can make a recovery, as long as she eats, she has a chance, without an appetitie, it gets hard. Best of luck .
  6. Thanks, Silkie. I have her in a brooder box in my home office where my bator and hatcher are. I keep it pretty dark in here, so today I moved her box outside for the day. I thought maybe she was sleeping all the time because of the darkness. She has perked up some and I saw her pecking around in the shavings a bit ago. I'll bring her in at dark and turn all the lights off. Maybe just getting her back on her day/night cycle will help things.
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    I was just thinking antibiotics because you don't know what type of nasties were on whatever attacked her. [​IMG]

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