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My friends dog got bite by a much bigger dog and his neck is swollen and lot of stuff coming out sounds like infection to me is there any thing he can do he really can't afford a vet and its his daughters pet so he got to do something
He needs a vet. Soon. Sorry, there isn't anything he can do at home if the wound is infected (and it sounds like it is).
The dog should be taken to a vet. Some vets are willing to take a partial payment at time of service and payment arrangements for the rest. It's worth calling vets and asking!

How long ago did this happen??? If it's recent, as in the past 24 hours try the following:

Get a 10cc syringe and mix 50/50 sterile water and betadine solution. Try to flush the wounds with this solution and mix more as needed.
You can buy salve from a feed store called Corona that is an antibiotic cream. If the animal has puncture wounds you can try to get this into the wounds themselves and do it gently.

This is ALL topical treatment advice, but in my humble opinion this animal WILL NEED antibiotics, which means it needs to go to a vet.

Best of luck!
He really, REALLY needs a vet. It sounds like the wound is infected, and without treatment, he will possibly die.

It sounds really tough, but if they can't afford treatment, surrendering him to a shelter where they can provide medical care is better than letting the dog die slowly of infection.
you will need a vet or some one who know animals other than that I don't know what to tell you
. I am sorry about the dog.
I was figuring that to their bringing him her first thing in the morning so I can see it but from the way it was describe to me I'm pretty sure it needs a vet immediately
He can ask the vet about care credit.
He can try the local shelter to see if they can help him out.
For Dog Bite Wounds:
First Clip and Clean the Area with a dilute Betadine Solution. If there are puncture wounds they need to be flushed multiple times with a syringe of diluted Betadine Solution. A dilute Solution is warm water and a squirt of Betadine to look like tea water. You want to clip the area to normal skin around the wound so that air can get to it and puss can drain from it. And since it sounds infected make sure he flushes until all the pus is out.

You will need to flush/clean the area anywhere from daily to multiple times a day depending on extent of wound. Keep dog from licking wounds by either a e-collar or t-shirt.

Once wounds are clean you can infuse triple antibiotic ointment and make sure it is plain with no "caines" in it. Pain meds in Triple Antibiotic not good for pets. Infuse into punctures until ointment oozes out. Yes I mean actually putting the tip into the wound and squeezing until it oozes out. It can take quite a bit to fill some punctures. This should be done also daily to twice a day until the hole closes.

If the dog got an all over beating give it a bath with the Betadine Scrub as this will get to all the little punctures you might not find with all the fur.

Both products can be bought at TSC.

If the dog is not eating/drinking or is running a temp of more than 104 (normal for a dog is 100-102) then it really should be seen by a vet as it will most likely need antibiotics.

Hope this helps.

Also since this can hurt it would be a good idea to muzzle the dog for safety reasons and that can be done by simply tying the leash around the muzzle to the top then again to the bottom of the muzzle and then around to the back of the head.
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