Help dog injured my rooster


Aug 2, 2020
Also make sure your other chickens aren't pecking him. they are attracted to red. Good luck!!


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May 6, 2020
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I'm sorry to read about Mr. Rooster.
Please throughly check him out BEFORE appling Blu-Kote.
Trim all the feathers away to get a clear picture of the wounds.
Rinse them with a saline solution. If you don't have one make one.
Treat all wounds with a liberal coat of Triple Antibiotic Oint WITHOUT Lidocaine. Lidocaine is Toxic to Chickens but, Therapeutic for humans.
For the deep puncture wounds, put the Triple Abx oint inside each punctured wound. Do not cover.
Remove him from the flock to a quiet place to recover.
Feed him Electrolyte water (he is extremely stressed right now), cook eggs, yogurt and put some of his feed into it.(He needs the added Protein).
You must keep him away/out from flys that will lay eggs that turn into flesh eating Maggots if they are allowed access to his wounds.
Of course, give him time to see his girls.
Feed him a little extra protein as suggested, Electrolyte water, and keep his wounds covered in Abx oint.
You can use the Blu- kote on the abrasions after 48 hours.
But, keep him away from flys, nats and mosquitoes until he is healed.
He maybe a strong tough Rooster but, with a dog bite wound like he has, things could go South because of the bacteria on the dogs teeth and from flys.
Hope Mr. Rooster heals up quick.
Please keep us posted.

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