Help -- dog plucked my guinea :-/

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    Oct 8, 2007
    Not sure if this is the proper place to post this, but have a question :) I just signed up for BYC and have hens: 1 white leghorn, 2 red sexlink, 3 auracana, 5 buff orp's and 1 rose comb; roosters: 2 rose comb (was supposed to be 1 rose comb rooster and 2 hens -- sexing isn't an exact science). I also have 14 guineas and 10 rouen ducks. Everyone gets along fine, except for a bit of squabbling occasionally among the guineas. Most of the hens are over a year old -- the rest of the poultry was born in April/May/June.

    Now for my problem. I have a collie/golden (1 year old) that doesn't like my guineas for some reason. He doesn't bother the ducks or chickens but on Sat. he cornered a guinea and plucked most of her feathers off her back :-/ I think she was in shock -- I picked her up with a towel and brought her in the house with shavings, food and water. Within 24 hours the areas that were bleeding had quit and I took her back outside. Of course, the other guineas gave her the cold shoulder because she was so funny looking. Anyway, how soon before she grows these feathers back? I'm in MN where it gets WAY below zero in the winter.

    I'm also tempted to rehome the dog :sigh: Maybe he'll grow out of it, but he waits until my back is turned (even with a shock collar on -- he's no dummy!) then attacks. (Why are guineas so dumb, btw? She flew up into a pine tree but flew right back down to the ground where the dog could get at her.) I don't think Max has ever killed one, although a few have disappeared over the past 2 months...he's just obsessed with them. :-/ The guineas free range and there are hawks in the area too, so that could be what is happening to them. (p.s...I have a fenced yard with a dog door into the basement. Since Sat. a.m. I've left Max in the backyard but let the other two dogs come out with me because they don't worry the poultry. This hardly seems to fair to poor Max, except he's the only one who attacks the guineas :-/) (Then are the times that the guineas hop to the top of the gate and into the backyard. Max is just waiting to get hold of more :sigh:)

    I also heard that guineas were tough birds. Why didn't he/she fight back when my dog was plucking her feathers? :-/


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    ...guineas are reknowned for their stupidity I am afraid... (not meaning to offend anyone loving their guineas but it seems everyone says that, LOL)
    I have a friend who manages the poultry section on a large sanctuary/petting farm and she says (quote) "the stupidity of these fascinating creatures just astounds me... they have lived here on the farm for over two years and each evening they study the same tree (as they do EVERY evening as though it is the first time>by the way they sleep in this same tree now for two years) pondering how in the world to get up into it..." ROFL I am sorry to say I can not help you out with your question on how long it takes to grow their feathers back.
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