HELP - ducklings eating gel in puppy training pads

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  1. i just seen that my ducklings were picking at the gel in the puppy training pads i had on the floor under the waterer. it looks like they may have eaten about a silver dollar size of the gel. because it was bunched up in the corner and wet from water, they they picked it and when they would bite on it the gel would squeeze through the liner, this gel is toxic and i have heard of ducklings dyeing from this. should i do a epsom salt flush on them? if so how much epson salt would i use? or wait to see if they are have any side effects? they are 2 weeks old 3 ducklings (2 pekin, 1 silver appleyard).

    any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    My son ate those once (so did our puppy and a few other friends kids). Poison control told us that they’re not toxic, especially when only being eaten once- as in not an every day part of his diet, and a small amount of them. The only scary thing would be if he’d eaten a lot of them dry, and they soaked up the liquid in his system and dehydrated him/clogged him up. We just gave him extra fluids to be safe- enough for him and the gel crystals- and he passed them and that was it. I guess it would depend on how many each of the ducklings ate.. clogging up their system might be a concern if they soak up too much liquid and they have problems passing them, but I wouldn’t worry about that since it sounds like they were already wet/full of liquid when they ate them. ?? I would think that just watching them and making sure they’re eating/drinking and pooping normally would be enough. Won’t take a duckling too long to pass them out of their system. And then maybe switch the puppy pads for newspaper so it doesn’t happen again. I’m sure they’ll be fine!
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  3. Thank you for your input!! Means a lot. It was soaking wet when they were picking at it. I pinched it with my fingers and the stuff got all over my fingers. I circled the amount that was eaten IMG_0545.JPG IMG_0546.JPG
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    Use Pine shavings...Why use piddle pads. I use them or paper towel the first 24 hours...They are livestock and Birds..I love Ducks to death, Also keep it real..
    Best wishes...:frow
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  5. All seems well! We have been watching them and they have been eating drinking pooping and running around. I changed their set up and they are eating the crap out of the pine shavings now! :barnie I used the pads so that they could run around outside the brooder. Worried duck mom you know:lol:
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