Help! Ducks foot fell off!!


Apr 20, 2019
Northern Minnesota
@HeatherKellyB She is doing a lot better! Yes, the vet said they couldn’t do a lot for her. But they said it wasn’t infected and that the black scab would most likely fall off. So that’s good. She also said having her wear a shoe would be a good idea for this winter. So now I’m trying to find a place that sells good duck shoes. Shes gotten used to walking and is at about 80% normal now and barely limping.
Thank you for asking and for everyone’s help😊❤️


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May 31, 2019
Moore County, NC
I've got a wild Gander that comes around everyday and he lost part of the outside toe and some of the webbing, similar to your duck. The actual wound on his foot healed well without any intervention (not that I'm saying this is something that doesn't need attention and care, by any means). I thought a snapping turtle did this, but now that I see how much trouble he's having in just trying to walk, I'm unsure.
Please keep an eye on your ducks good foot just as much as the other. With her being a heavy breed, they're more prone to leg and foot issues, especially bumblefoot. Since she's been limping and getting around the best she can (in an unnatural gait and posture), she's at risk for scrapes on the bottom of her feet, which is an invitation for bumblefoot. If she was my duck, I'd check the bottoms of both of her feet every other day, AT LEAST. I need to purchase some duck shoes for my Pekin but for now (and the past year) I just keep her foot bandaged and wrapped up at all times, changing everything frequently. I don't do this for any reason except prevention at this point. I wish you the very best with your duck 💜 Thank you for sharing an update on her. I am so happy to read she's doing well 😍


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