Help!! EE/Ameraucauna Rooster or pullet? New chicken owner needs to know. (pictures).


6 Years
May 9, 2013
I am wondering if you can help me identify whether this is a pullet or a rooster. He/she is 2 and a half months old bought from the feed store who sells chicks from Ideal. He/she has a black, brown and white feather pattern with brown flecking on the back and sides. The legs are quite thick compared to the rest of the flocks also.

Need side pictures of the body, but with that comb at ten weeks and what I can see of the color pattern, would guess rooster.
100% EE cockerel.

You could tell that in the first pics, btw, just based on the comb and the feather patterning. That's way too much comb for a 10 week old pea-combed bird to be a pullet.
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Both pictures are of the same chicken. A friend of mine sent me those pictures so not sure I can get a picture of the full body but I was leaning rooster too.I saw the animal in question just yesterday and I am pretty sure it is growing saddle feathers and it has some longer greenish blue feathers growing into it's tail.

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