Help egg with chicky it in badly damaged! PICS


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May 14, 2013
I had 11 eggs hatch today. The 12th made his air hole this morning and was peeping all day. I checked on him 10 minutes ago and he still had just that tiny air hole so I was going to let him work his was out over night. My idiot husband couldn't wait and decided to open the egg himself. By the time I figured out what he was doing he had already opened the egg halfway. This is what the baby looks like now. I don't know what to do and am scared to touch the egg because I know there are still blood vessels attached. What should I do to help him?

KEEP HIM WARM, those veins are to large to mess with, take a qtip and wet that membrane really good until it is see threw, then put him back into the incubator. I would not put him under a hen, she's liable to lay on him and flatten his shell only to end up killing him.

Check him every TWO HOURS, you will need to keep wetting that membrane, you may have to help him from her out. But he does need to absorb some of those veins before then.

Only wet him every TWO HOURS not before.. You can put an onion in the incubator with him, cut one up, put it all around him this will help with bacteria and help him absorb faster. After two hours start taken a little bit of shell off, start with behind his head avoid the Feet area because if he is NOT fully absorbed that is where the yolk will be...
Good lord your Husband should have left him alone, as long as he had a breathing hole and you could hear him chirping, he could have gotten out on his own.

Sad part is he wasn't ready to come out yet. it takes at LEAST 24 to 48 hours from the time they make that crack to come out, he had a little bit of a while yet.

But it's going to be OK, will get him out safely. GRRRR to your husband... LOL
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I know! I am so mad at him right now. Unfortunately we don't have an incubator :( the mama hen sat on these babies in secret and she was killed last night with almost half of the flock. I'm down to 3 hens and the rooster and none of the hens are broody. The chickies started hatching last night and this morning and none of the other chickens want anything to do with them. We have been keeping the chickies and the unhatched eggs inside all day since it has been pretty warm and they have been doing ok. They just keep multiplying. This guy was the last one:( My daughter is keeping him on her lap to keep him warm since its cooling down now. I don't know what else to do:(
OH MAN you are in a PICKLE, he needs to be kept at least at a 100 to 101 degrees. CRAP, NO INCUBATOR, LET ME THINK, DO you have a Cooler?
Or how about a cat crate or dog crate? Something that you can put a light on the top and cover the entire thing up with a blanket or plastic to try and keep heat in the cage or crate...
Hmmm.... I have an old cooler outside that all the chicks would fit in. I wonder if I should put them all in there tonight to keep each other and the egg warm.
Thank you so much by the way. My daughter says thank you too as she is trying so hard to keep him alive. This attack was really hard the kids and the new and unexpected chicks was such a blessing. This little guy has a long night ahead of him. I will post an update in the morning.
That would work try to some how get heat in it a light don't close it completely leave a slight crack need to have oxygen get in otherwise it will suffocate a bad mistake that I have made in the past killing four baby ducks.

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