HELP!!! EMERGENCY: Bloody (Missing Toenail)

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    Hey y'all... This is my hen whom the others already enjoy pecking, and now she's bleeding profusely from her toe. We separated her from the others (still pretty close; I don't want the others to gang up on her when I put her back with them.), but is there anything else I can do for her? The blood is drying and not dripping as bad as it was, but I am going to have to keep her separate until the talon grows back in right? It looks like she can still perch but the others were already licking up her trail of blood[​IMG]. My sister is making sure she has soft bedding, even though she's not really limping or anything. Any advice? It will grow back right? Is there anything else I can do for her?

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    No, you won't have to keep her separate for that long. A chicken's toenail is "dead" like our fingernails for several millimeters, then there is the "quick," or the living part of the toenail that will bleed if cut (see picture) It will grow back, just like your fingernail.
    The toenail will stop bleeding after awhile, then she can go back into the flock. If you want to, you can spray some Veterycin (always great stuff to have around) and bandage it to prevent further bleeding.

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