Help! Eye injury or horrific infectious disease???

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    Apr 14, 2016
    I bought a 2-3 month old blue splash Cochin bantam from a family who had many different chickens. Her farm was very nice and her chickens looked very well kept and healthy. I bought a hen and the lady said she would give me an additional baby who had been scratched if I wanted it. I brought the two baby chickens home last night and have kept them separated from my existing flock of six chickens. I have contacted a vet who said to keep them separated for at least a month and I have sent pictures to several chicken people who have really freaked me out because they say it is not just a scratch it may be a really horrible infectious disease that could spread through my entire flock. This person did not tell me what they thought it could be just that they felt like I should give the chickens back to the lady I bought them from because if they were to get better and survive they would always be carriers. When baby looks completely healthy has no problems and the baby that I got for free as one good eye and when I've it looks as if it has and upper eyelid issue. It is swollen and the chicken keeps its eye closed most of the time but it is eating and drinking well and is very active. It has extremely sharp nails and frequently scratches it's eye but is not sneezing, does not seem to have any respiratory distress, and is acting like the normal chicken except for the eye. I bought an eyewash from tractor supply and have washed it's all right out and have given it antibiotics and it's Eye. Can someone please help me figure out what to do? I do not want to make my other chicken sick but I really want to keep this chicken and I really am hoping this is truly just a scratched eyelid but I don't want to take any chances. Help please!!!!
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    Best bet would be to take her to a vet if you can. That way you can find out what it is and how best to treat it.

    Glad you have them separated, and practice strict bio-security. Good luck!
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    I would also recommend a vet if possible. That eye does look cut or scratched, but appears very swollen and/or infected. When you look into the eye or press around it, can you see any pus or drainage? I would try to get a good antibiotic from a vet because feed stores only sell ones for respiratory diseases, such as Tylan or tetracycline, and if it is E.coli or some other bacterial infection, other stronger antibiotics would be needed. Most oral antibiotics will no longer be available in feed stores after the end of 2016.

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